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Making Hamburger Recipes is Easy and Fun
by: Donna Monday
When I was a kid Wimpy from the old Popeye cartoon show was one of my favorite characters because he expressed a deep love and obsession with hamburgers on a bun. Wimpy was always looking for hamburgers and wasn’t happy unless his plate was piled high with steaming hot hamburgers.

Even though I could only eat one, I easily related to Wimpy’s love of hamburgers, especially cheeseburgers. As I grew up I discovered how easy it was to make a meal out of cooking hamburgers and putting them on a hamburger bun. Add a little ketchup or hamburger sauce and you’ve got yourself a quick lunch or dinner.

While I’m not sure about the real history of the hamburger (a couple of towns claim to be the home of the original burger) I do know that they’re popularity spread quickly. Online you can find recipes for hamburger pattie or how to make foil hamburgers over fire. But some of the best hamburger recipes don’t even involve a bun.

Online you can find recipes for hamburger stew, hamburger goulash, hamburger casserole, hamburger jerky, hamburger chowder, hamburger gravy, hamburger steak, hamburger with stuffed green peppers, hamburger macaroni soup, hamburger stroganoff, hamburger pie, and other easy hamburger recipes with egg, bread crumbs and onion.

There’s even secret fast food hamburger recipes that expose how to make the popular McDonald’s hamburger, Wendy’s hamburger, and White Castle hamburgers. So, you don’t have to borrow money to buy hamburgers and promise to “pay you back on Tuesday” like Wimpy. You can just whip up one of your yummy recipes the next time you have a craving for the savory taste of hamburger.

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